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We Offer Premium Pine Straw Bales and Installation

We offer premium pine straw services for the best prices. Our family owned and operated farm understands our customers because we used to be a customer. We began using pine straw for mulch when Mr. Davis began hauling it with his semi-truck. After extensive research, we realized it was the best way to mulch in regard to quality and value. Mr. Davis's youngest daughter Ms. Wilkerson has published an email newsletter providing the helpful uses and information on pine straw and other tips and tricks for general landscaping, yard work, gardening, mulching and even some educational activities to do at home with your kids using Pine Straw. Photos of the Davis's yard and landscaping (which, of course, is beautified with Davis Farms of Newberry Fl. Pine Straw Pine Straw) will be uploaded to this site in the very near future. The Davis Family welcomes you into their family, as well, and looks forward to working with you to make your landscaping the best version of itself it can be using Pine Straw Mulching.

Pine Straw Sales

We sell quality pine straw bales for residential and business landscaping. Rolls of Pine Straw are also available. Delivery and Installation is available on request. Contact us for an estimate today!

Pine Straw Spreading

Affordable Pine Straw Spreading: - Beautify Your Landscape at a Fraction of the Cost!

Clean up 

Transforming Chaos to Cleanliness: Pine Straw and Work Area Sparkle After Project Completion!

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We strive to provide the best pine straw services to our customers. If there is anything we can do to improve, please feel free to let us know. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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