A Customer for a Customer

Davis Farms of Newberry Fl. Pine Straw believes that the only way to understand a pine straw customer is to have been one yourself. The Davis's were just like you in the beginning, so they understand just what it is a Pine Straw customer is searching for when they purchase their product:

  • great quality pine straw products and services for a low price.
  • knowledgeable professionals who care about your yard just as much as you do.
  • Fast and detail-oriented service for a quick and seamless experience, from purchase of your pine straw to delivery and installation.

Mr. Davis 


Founder and Owner of Davis Farms of Newberry Pine Straw. Mr. Davis thought of the idea for the business when he began hauling pine straw with his semi-truck and the family researched the product and found it to be incredibly affordable while remaining quite versatile and durable. Find out more about the benefits of Pine Straw and other great and useful tips and tricks for your landscape in the weekly newsletter: "Tips and Tricks for the everyday Pine Straw User"

Mrs. Davis

The Woman Behind the Scense.

Mrs. Davis is Mr. Davis's wife and the backbone in the family. Mr. Davis and Mrs. Davis have been married for over 60 years and have three children together, all of whom help out with the family business in some form or another. 

The Children

The three children are also very active in the Pine Straw business and enjoy helping their parents with the family business. This tight nit family is very hard working and loyal to one another, as well as to their customers. Every family member is quick to help in any way they can to ensure the customer's final product is exactly as they were expecting, if not better.